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Hello All who call in at my blog. It is a diary of the sort of things I have made in the past and things I am making now, mostly for Cat Protection and other charities, to sell to raise funds. My daughter gives me the 'raw' ingredients and I make the goodies.

Add to this a selection of knitted garments for friends and family and you can see that I fill many happy hours with my knitting, sewing and crocheting

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

More knitteds and cards

Hi All

Hope your week has gone well and thatyou enjoyed the Bank Holiday if you are in England.

My week has been strange as I went to the nurse for my yearly check-up last Monday and by Wednesday the results had come back and I haven't to have anything with caffeine and have to drink several litres of water each day. A real shock to the system for sure and I have to do this until I go back for more tests in October. No explanation as to why I have to do this but that is normal at our surgery. Anyone over the age of 75 they assume you can't understand anything lol. Pleased to say that already I am sleeping better :)

Lots of cricket watching and now the tennis is on from the US and Andy Murray is playing in this one so we will be up very early or staying up late when he is playing as they are 5 hours behind us.

Cat cards made with some free images I found

I got two teapots at the car boot sale. This one was  50p and is quite small

This teapot was £1 and a lot bigger

A cat PJ case

Growing collection of teapots and cosies

Have a great week and enjoy whatever you are doing

Love as always Chrissie xx


  1. Thank you for your comments


  2. Cute cards Chrissie. I love the kitties. And I love the latest tea cozies. You are the knitting queen for sure. I have been working on a pair of socks all summer and look at how much you have made. Have a great day. Hugs-Erika

  3. Great cards and wonderful knitteds. Sorry to hear you can't have coffee, but I would not be prepared to do anything without having an explanation. That's no way to treat people. Hugs, Valerie

  4. You'd have me kicking and screaming if I had to give up my caffeine. I remember one time on vacation, I got the most incredible headache. It was maddening and I thought my head was going to explode. I stopped at a restaurant for coffee and almost immediately began to feel better. That was my wakeup call that I needed caffeine all day and all night. I sleep fine, even after drinking a full cup. I feel for you and your health system.

    Your latest tea cozies are great AND you are getting a great collection. Of course, I am in love with the cat cards. Hope you are feeling well.

  5. Sorry to read that you got no explanations about the results of the tests. I think I would have been asking why, no caffine even though I drink tea. I hope all will be well for you Chrissie.
    I love the wonderful selection of cards you made. The latest tea cosies look fantastic, your display looks super.
    Yvonne xx

  6. Hello Chrissie. I rather like your crocheted teacosy, pretty squares and happy colours.
    It would be interesting to know why you have to stop drinking caffeine.
    Hope you are feeling the benefits of this peculiarly singular instruction.

    1. This comment was meant for the 25th September post - I must have scrolled down too far.

    2. Thank you for commenting Sheila. I have to have more blood tests this month so maybe then I will find out whay I had to give up caffeine. I do feel better for giving it up so may never indulge again. I am having caffeine free stuff and can't tell the difference.

      Love Chrissie xx