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Hello All who call in at my blog. It is a diary of the sort of things I have made in the past and things I am making now, mostly for Cat Protection and other charities, to sell to raise funds. My daughter gives me the 'raw' ingredients and I make the goodies.

Add to this a selection of knitted garments for friends and family and you can see that I fill many happy hours with my knitting, sewing and crocheting

Saturday, 21 April 2018

A little mix

Hi Dear Friends

A bit of a lull here at the moment as I have had cramps in my fingers so it hasn't been easy to do much at all for very long. The better weather has meant more time outside as well with lots of gardening to catch-up on and also longer walks now it is sunny and warm. I expect it won't last very long so I am taking full advantage of it.

Little mittens from oddments of wool. I am thinking of keeping these until winter then taking them to the Food Bank as so many of the little children have freezing cold hands in winter and no mittens or gloves at all.

More little kitten blankets to use up bits and bobs of wool

I decided that I needed to think outside the box with the extra chunky wool that Linda brought for me. There are grey balls and pink balls so I just knitted a straight piece with both of the colours in it and folded it over to make a bag. Added to this a knitted rabbit,s head shape with a bit of stuffing and some twisted handles. Quick and easy to make and better use of the wool than the awful cushion cover. I think I will take that apart and reuse the wool.

Have a great weekend. Snooker watching for me with a walk inbetween the morning and afternoon sessions

Love Chrissie xx


  1. Lovely knitted goodies Chrissie, do hope the cramps go away.xx 💖 [Aussie aNNie's Blog]

  2. I adore the kitten blankets and the bag with the cute bunny, too. You are SO clever.

  3. You always have the best ideas for knitting! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Wonderful selection of knitted pieces Chrissie. I love the sweet bag with the rabbits head and your kitten blankets are a good idea as well.
    I hope your fingers are improving and the pain isn't to bad. Enjoy the sun and warm weather we are having at the moment, lets hope it lasts longer.
    Yvonne xx


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Love Chrissie xx