Welcome to my new blog

Hello All who call in at my new blog. It is meant for me to change my way of life but you are welcome to read it and maybe be inspired yourself if you need to change.
I have always done knitting crocheting and sewing but rarely displayed it at all even though I have had craft blogs and forums for many years and joined in Craft Challenges on Blogger since early 2011. The crafts on the blogs were all about artwork, tags, cards etc. and I didn't show much of my real passions at all. Only now have I realised I maybe took myself down the wrong path though I loved getting to know a bit about the people who commented or joined in the challenges. I accumulated such a lot of stuff that people seem to need for the type of crafting on the challenges-it costs such a lot to keep up with the trends and all the new things that come out. Then you have to find somewhere to keep it all. I hardly ever found a use for any of the things I made for the challenges and much preferred to see the useful end projects of my knitting, crocheting and sewing ventures. Many of them went to friends and family or to worthy causes.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Cardigan and cards

Hello There

My cardigan is finished and I am rather pleased at how it turned out in the end after a shaky start with the wrong size back having to be unpicked.

These are large cards made from postcards I have bought in various place and the train ones are made with a photograph that Vic took at the Kieghley Steam Train station.

Love Chrissie xx