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Hello All who call in at my blog. It is a diary of the sort of things I have made in the past and things I am making now, mostly for Cat Protection and other charities, to sell to raise funds. My daughter gives me the 'raw' ingredients and I make the goodies.

Add to this a selection of knitted garments for friends and family and you can see that I fill many happy hours with my knitting, sewing and crocheting

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Thank You All

Great to read your comments. I am still having to rest most of the time and the trip to Whitby was just a test. Not sure I will be doing anything like that again for a while. Back to crocheting and sport watching now..

Love Chrissie xx

Friday, 7 June 2019

A Long Time no post

Hi All

A long time since I posted anything but I do have a reason and will tell you about that later.

Here is a pile of cat blankets ready to send to Linda and a few washcloths as well.

The blankets were all crocheted from recycled wool as people have been giving me old knitteds to unravel and use for the blankets. I have learnt so much about how woolens are made in industry and now I really enjoy taking them apart to be reused. Not as easy as hand knitted ones but usable non the less. The pink in the washcloths are also from an unravelled cotton top. I mixed it will white cotton I had already from Linda.

Now to the not so nice bit. About a month ago I slipped on a damp zebra crossing and was badly injured by the fall. Lots of bruising but the worst thing was a popped hamstring. The hospital staff were wonderful and said I was very fit or the injuries could have been so much worst. Not sure at the time I could have imagined anything much worst as I have been in such a lot of pain since it happened.

Thank you to Vic for being such a great nurse and to my family and friends for their support. A special thank you to Valerie for the daily fun e-cards and encouragement and to Max for the beautiful orchid plant that arrived safe and sound through the postal system..amazing packaging ideas these days.

This is some of the bruising on the back of my thigh and there was lots more that kept appearing in various parts of my body that you wouldn't want to see. Very good news is that most of the bruising had now gone and the hamstring is doing nicely. I followed the hospital advice and all I had remember was the word RICE, rest, ice packs, compression and elevation. I now go out for a short walk every day and even went on the train and the bus yesterday to Whitby. Sitting wasn't pleasant but I was so pleased to have done the journey. Didn't get much further than Whitby bus station and Vic just took the one photograph just a short distance from the bus stop.

This is the rigging of the Endevour replica that is built to scale and now has a trip around it. Unfortunately it has lots of steep small steps to get up and down the various levels so I couldn't go on it this time but next time I will.

That's it for now. Thank goodness there is lots of sport on television for me to watch while I unravel and crochet. Cricket World Cup, French Tennis championships, golf---I need to get some more television sets to watch all of them at once

Thank you for calling in

Love Chrissie xx

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Things I have made since last posting

Vic is now better and we have been away for a while so I haven't made very much. Sorry for not being a good 'blogger' recently.

Back to making dishcloths

Kitty blankets and cards

Comfort blankets and a doll's sleeping bag. Got the doll on the car boot sale for 50p

Someone asked me to make a pram cover as the crocheted ones have suddenly become fashionable. Made three so far.

Love Chrissie xx

Friday, 15 March 2019

Blankets, hedgies and Easter

Hi Friends and family

We are having a strange patch in life where a lot of things aren't going too well. Poor Vic isn't well after a tooth extraction went very wrong. I am trying to be a good nurse and he is a very good patient thank goodness. It has meant I am sitting quietly and doing knitting and crocheting with the odd bit of mixed crafting thrown in as well.

Here are some baby hedgehogs made from little bits of glittery wool found at the back of the wool cupboard. More kitty blankets and all of those were made from old garments I unpicked.

I wanted to make something for the charity coffee morning at our doctor's surgery so I made chicks with Cadbury's eggs inside and some knitted flowers with chocolate eggs with no filling. I used a glue gun to fasten the eggs in place on the flowers. The sale is on the last Friday of every month so plenty of time to take them there.

Today I am going to make a few cards though haven't any ideas so far.

Nice to have you pop-in

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Tea Cosy and crafting with Linda

Hi All

I am a follower of a very nice blog here and I saw yesterday a Fair Isle Tea Cosie pattern had been added so I got the wool together and made one for our one cup pot.

It was an easy pattern to follow and I had made it by the evening which is why the photograph looks to be in a strange light. Thank you to Linmary knits for the pattern.

Close you eyes if you visited Jumbled Crafts as the rest of the post is copied from there but some people visit here and not there.

This last week my daughter came to stay with us and we had a wonderful week with lots of fun and wool crafting. Linda made the crocheted things but I do all the sewing in of loose ends and the knitted bows etc. 

These are crocheted brooches and I kept a few for myself and Linda took one to Vic's Mum.

I knitted the Easter chicks with Cadbury's cream eggs inside-Linda crocheted 2 of them-can you pick them out?

 A mixture of crocheted animals with chocolate oranges inside
 Crocheted Easter rabbits with chocolate oranges inside
Catnip mice as toys for cats-I thought the smell was awful but cats love it apparently. Crocheted by Linda

Hope your day has gone well. We went on the train for a bit of a shopping spree in Driffield today and really enjoyed it.

Thank you for calling in.

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 11 February 2019

Granny Squares jacket and Baby Bootees

Hello There

Hope you are all well and happy today

I have been busy this week with knitting and sewing up my crocheted jacket. It was an enforced resting as I pulled a muscle in my left calf so a couple of days walking wasn't an option and I am still limping a bit even now. It is very sunny at the moment so I will be ventured out after lunch.

The jacket isn't quite what I would have liked but it is only for wearing indoors on very cold days so I guess it should do for that. It has turned warmer so maybe won't be worn at all this year.

I always need a 'rugby' project and I found a pattern for cute little baby bootees. They don't take long to knit a pair at all so over the three rugby matches I made most of these. I wanted to finish them off with little bows and found a video online showing how to make the bows using a fork. For 2 hours this morning I watched the video and made lots of bows and not one of them were suitable to add to the little boots so it was plan B with buttons and various other things to finish them off.

Another thing that has me beat is a tagging machine that I bought with some birthday money. It should have also come with a 'Vic' to use it as I can't use it at all. I don't think my hands are strong enough to push the plastic bits through the layers. I expect all of you have bought something in the past that will spend its life in the back of a drawer or go to the charity shop.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Knitting, crocheting and cards

Hello Dear Friends and Family

I put family though none of them are followers but they do pop in to see what I am making. Most are on other things like Facebook etc and I am not a part of that world at all. I do have a Pinterest account but haven't a clue how to make a page and not sure I would do that even if I knew how. I feel safe and comfortable on Blogger and haven't a clue why. I even get confused venturing into Wordpress though I have places of my own on there I don't know how to find them. Old Age I guess. Enough rambling I hear you say.

This little fella is called Rugby as I found a bit of the  sparkly wool and made him while I watched 2 rugby matches on Saturday

These are scrubbies made from cotton I thought they might be nice as reusable makeup pads or face washers. 

I looked at the calendar and realised that I needed some cards for February. Two of them are on the same day so I used the same design-the two will never meet so they won't know.

More kitty blankets but this time adding a bit of textured wool as well. Not sure if they will like that or not.

Linda said she is coming to stay soon so all of the things can go back home with her--our spare bed is full of stuff for Cat Protection so she will need to move it before she can go to bed.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Hedgehogs and Washcloths

Hello Dear Friends and Family

I got a call from daughter Linda saying that the cat charity was desperate for hedgehogs to raffle at the vets in town. I had forgotten all about them making a lot of money and haven't made any for a while. Off to the wool shop for the sparkly wool and made 4 large hedgehogs in 3 days. I sent them off to Linda in two shoe boxes and it took less than two days for her to get them yesterday. Today someone is collecting them from her house to start raffling again. I must praise My Hermes postal service both for the price that they charge and also for the quick service. 

Here they are by the light of our new Himalayan salt lamp that gives of such a rosy glow and also is supposed to make the air a better quality.

Also the dishcloths have proved a best seller at the charity craft fairs and Linda brought me a new pack of the cotton when they last came to visit so I could knit some when I had time

They are a bit boring to knit but I can almost knit them with my eyes closed so good to fit in when I am not doing anything else. Need to make some more labels now.

There was a sale at one of our charity shops so we went in to look for woolly things to unpick. Vic saw a cardigan that had become very large with washing. He is so used to the daft things I do. I bought it and unpicked it to make something useful. The wool cupboard needs sorting out yet again so maybe I will get some inspiration when I do that

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 14 January 2019

Busy Time

Hello Dear Friends

I seem to have been busy all the time since we came back from Linda's at New Year. We did a few things around the house that involved building flat pack furniture and then had to change lots of others things to fit those in.

On Saturday we had a phone call from one of MIL's carers to say she that Mollie had been taken into hospital yet again. The hospital is a long way from where we live(our is a beautiful building but mostly closed down) and as we don't have a car we will have to make the journey on public transport. With no trains at all on Saturday in our area so we decided to wait and see. Vic phoned the hospital yesterday and his mum is being treated for pneumonia and something to do with one of her feet. She was fine when went to see her in the week so it has all happened so quickly. This morning we are going to make sure her apartment is safe and clean up a bit. The ward sister said we shouldn't go to see her until after we had phoned this afternoon when the proper doctors had been to see her--not sure what sort of doc has already seen her.

I made cards and gift tags from Linda's last year calendar that I brought back with me after our visit.

This is a 6ft x 6ft, thick, blanket that I have crocheted since we came back home.

Also I have finished all of the squares ready to make my jacket--not a clue where to start with that but will think about it right now as I am off to watch Andy Murray in what could be his last match forever.

Good Luck Andy in whatever you do

Love Chrissie xx

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Blanket and rabbits

Hello Friends

A long time since I posted anything on here but I have still been making this and that as well as going to stay with Linda and Graham so I haven't been doing nothing.

I do hope you enjoyed Christmas and that 2019 will be a great year for you. My birthday is January 1st and I will be 77 years young. Not sure where the years went at all they all pass by so quickly.

Linda has a bedroom full of wool and I chose some thiick wool to make a crocheted blanket. I didn't imagine I would be able to make one this size whilst I was there but it fits nicely onto a double bed as a warm topper. That's when it hasn't got a cat or two on it. Oscar is crazy for fluffy blankets and decided to sleep on our bed every night as we had a beautiful new fluffy blanket on top of it. He was so peaceful and lulled us to sleep with his purring.

You may have noticed the Easter Rabbits in the background. Linda crocheted all of those while we were there and I made them bow and flowers. They will have a Chocolate Orange inside each one. I am going to make lots more of the accessories and send them to Linda as I am sure she will be making lots of rabbits.

Here she is making a rabbit and singing along while Graham plays the guitar for us to join in.

I have designs to make myself a granny square jacket so off to find some wool and make a start on that

Nice to be back home again after our very enjoyable visit.

Love and best wishes

Chrissie xx

Monday, 26 November 2018

Hat and Blankets

Hi All

A while since I posted anything on here and I haven't really done much in the craft line.

 I haven't felt as well as usual. The 'no caffein'e helped and my kidneys were working ok at the last test. I asked if I could have caffeine again and the doc said yes but he should have said no. I don't feel too good again now. No more caffeine for me I think.

Linda has now left work. She has to take things a little easier so she asked if I wanted to give the things I make for Cat Protection to the Cat Protection Shop that has opened in our town. I  made labels for the blankets and took some to the shop and the manager there was thrilled with them. They will be selling them in the shop. She did mentioned some inflated price and I said I thought it was far too much but she is the manager so it is her choice.

Recently Vic has some spots frozen off of his bald head. The consultant said they could become cancerous if not treated straight away. He has to keep his head covered when he is outside and use factor 50 suncream. Easy on a hot day with a baseball cap but not so easy with cold easterly winds. I have knitted him a hat and he loves it.

I just made it up as I went along so it is a unique pattern. I wanted to add a big pom pom but he didn't want to go that far!

The Care Home was thrilled with the Tissue Sacks I made for their Christmas Fayre-they wanted my name and address but I said I preferred to just hand them in.

Hope your week goes well

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 12 November 2018

Hats, bag and ornaments

Hello Everyone and welcome to KSC

This week has been quite nice weather so I have been out walking most days so not much crafting at all.

I had a couple balls of this really thick wool so made hats in various sizes. I tried one on and it look quite nice so will keep that for winter as it is so cuddly and warm.

The plarn bag is now finished and since learning about plarn from Elizabeth I have done research and learnt so much about what to make from it. The flower was one of the things I found out about.

More ornaments from all the beads and bits of felt and lots more cut out ready to make. I look like having to buy more beads.

Have a great day.
 We are off to Mollie's to plant some pansies in her pots on the porch. No progress from her as yet but she seems happy to just sit and let others do everything for her.

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 5 November 2018

Poppy Day

Hello Dear Friends

This week I have been busy knitting with Plarn. Thank you Elizabeth for telling me the name of the plastic bag yarn. I still have to put the finishing touches to my latest bag from Plarn so will show that at a later day.

Good news about Debbie and her children. She was the girl who became homeless when her husband left and she couldn't pay the rent. She has been rehoused by the council in some rooms over a shop in our lovely Old Part of town. We saw her out shopping and she says she is getting her life back on track. Well done Debbie and the children and thank you to council.

These are the first two of my Christmas bead ornaments-I have taken a photograph of the fronts and the backs. Easier to make now I have sorted out the bead box.

Not sure what is happening about the Remembrance Day  poppies this year. Everywhere you go in Bridlington there are the big plastic ones that cost £3 but those ran out about a month ago so I never got one. Must say they do brighten up a lot of the houses and shops.

I decided to knit some and put them in our window at the weekend.

I just made the pattern up as I went along and they were easy to make. Usually people come round the houses selling the lapel poppies but none so far this year.

We have the best stations on our coastal line to Hull. All of them have plants and some have well kept gardens as well. Bridlington station has lots of plants and a group of ladies that make collages to hang in the station for various times of year.

All the poppies are hand made by the group and are so beautiful. Hanging hand made poppies on netting is the in thing in many places this year.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 22 October 2018

Knitting and Crocheting

Hi Dear Friends

We seem to be having winter one day then summer the next at the moment but lots of sunshine almost everyday so it is good to see all the brightness. We gave our lawns a cut yesterday so now we are hoping it will be the last time until Spring.

I did a tidy out of all of my wool a couple of weeks ago and found a mix of bits and bobs so I am working through them and making what ever I can with them.

There were some oddments of the twinkly wool so I have knitted a large snowman to take to our medical centre. They have started a group to help people who are lonely or have problems making friends. Once a month on the last Friday there is a coffee morning with various stalls and it raises funds for extras at the medical centre. There is a huge space as you enter the centre and it is an ideal place for the coffee morning. Seems to be going well by all accounts. Thought the snowman could be a raffle prize.

Lots of bits and bobs of lighter colour wool so I have crocheted knee blankets to take to a Care Home near here. They have a Christmas Fayre so maybe they could be sold as pram covers.

Lots of wool that will make hats to take to the homeless place where they make meals for homeless people each day.I think of the homeless being oldermen walking the streets but I learnt recently it isn't only that age group. A family near to us have become 'homeless' because their marriage split up and  the husband went off to live with another woman. The wife and her children were made homeless when she couldn't afford the rent and now they are being moved from pillow to post which means she has also lost her job. You never know what is around the corner.

Not sure what to make of this or what to put in it. I was planning to make a few as I have so many little balls of wool and I don't like to throw any away.

I think it is about time I did a sewing project as sewing hasn't been featured much at all on this blog. I do have to sew the items up every time so maybe that counts? My eyes aren't as good as they used to be so sewing isn't as easy.

That's All Folks

Love Chrissie xx

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Knitting Fest

Hello All

Thank you for popping in to KSC

I have had a bit of a knitting spree this week though neither of the projects took very long to make.

This is a new waistcoat for MIL, Mollie. Over the past 30 years I have knitted her a lot of waistcoats as she always likES to wear one. I don't think she has ever thrown any of them away so now they are all too large and some are quite shabby looking. I thought she might like one that fitted so I made this simple one in just 2 days. The back is plain and the pattern on the front is really easy. Will take it for her next time we visit and hope it fits.

If you have ever visited anyone in a Care Home or hospital you will have noticed that packs of tissues are like phone cards are to prisoners. When Mollie used to be in hospital or the Care Home she would ask if we would bring packs of tissues every time we visited. It turned out that she donated them as Bingo prizes or gave them to fellow patients to make friends. With this in mind I have made some Tissue Sacks to take to a Care Home near to us as they could be used for the Christmas Fayre or for Bingo prizes. I have made some suitable for male and some female. They don't take long to make at all so if they go down ok I will make some more for other care homes as I still have mountains of wool to use. No two are the same as the wool varies in thickness and the knitter gets to carries away with a TV programme?

Have a great weekend

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Not a lot to show

Hello Dear Friends

I can't believe it is almost a month since I last posted on this blog. We did fit in a short holiday and a few days out but I have only a little to show in the way of crafting. Still visiting Mollie as well and she has fallen twice while trying to go outside on her own. No injuries so far just bruises here and there.
My wool collection never seems to get any smaller but the card making things are now quite depleted.

I tried to do small crocheted, small granny squares to make a tea cosy but not sure I like it.

Knitted cushion covers in the very thick wool. Linda brought the cushion pads and the wool.

8x8 inch cards using background papers and bought images from Linda's collection.

Hope your week goes well and thank you for calling in

Love Chrissie xx